UFA Funds 4-H Clubs

Good news! Our UFA Funds 4-H Clubs and Districts program has been extended. If you have already submitted you application, don’t worry you will hear from us soon, and funding will be disbursed in March. If you missed the original deadline to apply, now is your chance! Your club or district can apply for up to $300 in funding for your club or district


In 2022, 4-H Alberta Clubs & Districts shared in approximately $60,000 in club funding for projects and initiatives.

4-H provides lifelong leadership and learning skills to the youth in our communities and we are excited to once again support this grassroots growing and learning through our UFA Funds 4-H Alberta program. Over the years we have seen the positive and inspiring impact that 4-H Alberta brings to our communities and are proud to be able to help clubs and districts reach higher and achieve even more.



4H Support


4H Support




  • Must have an active 4-H Alberta Club or District Status, in good standing.
  • The application must detail how the funds will be used to support your 4-H Club or District project or initiative.
  • Funding is available at the 4-H Club or District level and is not available for projects that support an individual 4-H Club member, religious or political initiatives or third-party fundraising.
  • Funds are provided on a first come, first served basis. Available funds are capped at $70K for the more than 300 4-H Alberta Clubs and Districts. This means funding will not be available for all Clubs and Districts. The goal of the process is to provide all 4-H Alberta Clubs and Districts an equal opportunity to apply for funding.
  • Only one application from each 4-H Alberta Club and/or District will be considered.


  • Up to $70,000 in funding is available to Alberta 4-H Clubs and Districts.
  • 4-H Alberta Clubs and Districts can apply for up to a max of $300 per Club/District for the 2023 4-H season, to be used on a project or initiative with approval at the sole discretion of UFA.
  • Funds will be provided to Clubs/Districts, to be disbursed by 4-H Alberta, no later than March 31, 2023.
  • Funds must be used by 4-H Clubs or Districts for projects or initiatives prior to November 1, 2023.
  • UFA reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the program at its sole discretion.
  • Please be advised that UFA will share the information in the application with 4-H Alberta for the purposes of fund distribution.

Photo Release Form

Please note the Photo Release Form is only needed upon approval of 4-H Club Funding submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Has the program changed at all since last year?

    We are excited to say, the program remains very similar to last year. Just a reminder that 4-H Districts also apply!

  • Why is the program launching in the fall?

    UFA recognizes that 4-H Clubs and Districts would benefit from knowing sooner in their 4-H season if their funding request was approved. By opening applications in the fall, Clubs and Districts have time to incorporate the funding into their projects and initiatives.

  • What does a Club or District have to do to apply?

    It's easy! Fill out the application form online. Please ensure that the Club or District leader is submitting the application.

  • What does a District have to do to apply?

    Please have only one leader submit an application on behalf of the District that is applying.

  • Why is the funding being provided on a first-come, first-served basis?

    Available funds are capped at a total of $70K in 2023 for the more than 300 4-H Clubs and Districts in Alberta that are eligible to apply. This means funding may not be available for all Clubs or Districts. This process gives all Clubs and Districts an equal opportunity to receive funding based on this application process

  • What is the review process?

    The projects and initiatives that UFA is interested in funding must align with one or more of the 4-H Club groupings which include:

    • Active Living
    • Agriculture and Environment
    • For the Arts
    • In & Around the Home
    • Livestock
    • Science, Technology & Trade
    • Small Animals
    • Take the Lead
    • District Event
  • What happens if a Club or District requests more than $300?

    UFA has set $300 as the maximum amount each Club or District can apply for, to ensure there are funds available for as many Clubs and Districts across the province as possible. If the number listed on the application form exceeds this amount, the application will still be reviewed, and if approved, the Club or District will receive up to $300 in funding.

  • What if a Club or District requests less than $300?

    Clubs or Districts can request any amount up to a maximum of $300. The specific amount the Club or District would like to request should be listed in the application form. If approved, the Club or District will receive funding in the amount requested, up to a maximum of $300.

  • Should I request funding if my program is happening in late 2023 or will further funding be available?

    Yes, we request that you apply for funds by January 31, 2023. The funding is available for all 4-H Club or District projects and initiatives happening in this current 4-H season. However, we do request funds be spent on projects and initiatives prior to November 1, 2023.

  • Are there any exclusions for funding?

    The exclusions are as follows:

    Funding is available at the Alberta 4-H Club level and is not available for projects that support an individual 4-H Club member-only, religious or political initiatives or third-party fundraising.

  • Can Clubs or Districts join together to submit a single request?

    Funding will be approved on a per Club or District basis. If multiple Clubs or Districts wish to have the funding they must submit separate applications. If multiple Clubs' or Districts' projects are related, please indicate that on the application form.

  • What is the goal of this program?

    UFA is dedicated to the communities we serve, and we believe that by providing direct funding to local Alberta 4-H Clubs and Districts, we can make the biggest impact. Clubs and Districts can focus on the projects they are working on, instead of looking for ways to raise funds to support them.

  • When do we need to sign the photo release form?

    The photo release form is NOT required at time of application, but should your Club or District be approved/awarded the funds, you will be asked to have any Club or District members included in submitted photos, to have their parent/guardian complete the release form.

  • What if our Club or District year is impacted again by COVID?

    Once your application has been approved by UFA, and a cheque has been sent out, we would like you to use the funds to support your Clubs or District the best you can, even if your plans have to change. We understand these times are unprecedented, but our desire to support the Clubs and Districts remains strong.

If you have any further questions during your application process, please email: UFAfunds4HClubs@UFA.com.

Latest Updates

4-H Alberta “Round-Up”

We were able to fund a total of 200 Alberta 4-H Clubs this year. Please check back here often as we start sharing stories of the wonderful groups that were part of our UFA Funds 4-H Alberta program.

Consort Creative Hands

Small engines? Crafts? Shooting range? Woodworking? Small animals? Outdoor living? The Consort Creative Hands 4-H Alberta Club offers kids a wide range of projects to choose from. And who wouldn’t want to take part in chicken agility?!

“The chickens were really interesting; they trained them to go through tunnels, walk on a leash and go up and down obstacles,” says Sheri Kerr, 4-H Alberta Assistant Leader who brings as much enthusiasm with her as the kids.

Consort Creative Hands is considered a multi-project club whose origins go back 43 years. They currently have 11 members and three Cleaver Kids. Sheri is also the leader of the Cleavers, who are aged six to eight and not full members yet but introduced to 4-H Alberta with their own programs.

UFA Funds 4-H Alberta

Consort Creative Hands has taken advantage of the UFA Funds 4-H Alberta funding for the last two years, receiving $300 each year. This year, they put their money towards their awards which included plaques, ribbons and half of the hall rental for their ceremony.

“Any funding we receive is so beneficial and we definitely use it to our advantage,” says Sheri. “We don’t do a lot of fundraising as a club, and everything sure helps. UFA has always been a huge supporter of 4-H as long as I can remember.”

In fact, a lot of their project leaders will cover some of the costs associated with their projects, making it affordable for the 4-H Alberta families. There can still be associated costs with the material though, and families will support the local UFA by buying things like paint and lumber for their respective projects.

“I love hearing feedback like this,” says Kim MacDonald, Manager, Community Investment, for UFA. “It is important to us as a co-operative to support the communities where we live and work. To be able to assist these Alberta Clubs in a small way means as much to us as it does to them.”

The 2022 UFA Funds 4-H Alberta Program has shared approximately $60,000 in support this year.

Highway Clean-up

The largest fundraiser that Consort Creative Hands does undertake is a highway clean-up program that Alberta Transportation manages. It is for any type of group, all across Alberta, that wants to help clean up the highways and protect the environment. The Consort club will usually tackle about 11 kms of roadway and raised about $1,000 this year. As a club, they decided with everything going on in Ukraine, they would donate a certain percentage, which ended up being a $364 to the Red Cross Ukraine Relief Fund.

Kim also headed east to Consort to take part in the highway clean-up with the club, armed with some UFA reflective backpacks full of road snacks for the kids.


Consort Creative Hands highway clean-up crew gather before heading out to cover 11 kms of highway. Karen Allan, Manager, UFA Corporate Communications and Kim MacDonald, Manager, UFA Community Investment also joined in for the day of clean-up.

Congratulations to Consort Creative Hands for a successful 4-H Alberta season and thank you for sharing a little bit about your club with us.

UFA Funds 4-H Clubs

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