For more than fifty years, UFA has been designing, project managing and building custom structures of exceptional craftsmanship. We are known for the superior quality of our laminated post buildings and studwall construction and our unmatched customer service.

“The build on this was excellent, the contractor expedited it on time, on budget. No surprises.”

- Rick Carson





“UFA stood out because they were able to construct the building exactly as I wanted.”

- Wade Watson





  • Trusses.

    We stand behind the structural performance of the building. Our trusses are engineered for Alberta wind and snowloads. We provide truss drawings for every job. Our trusses are bolted into position which satisfies the uplift of the building by preventing the truss from separating from the pole.

  • Bearing.

    We pour concrete into the hole prior to placing the post. The concrete is a minimum 10” thick and is the diameter of the hole. The concrete foot pad spreads the weight bearing of the pole and results in a stronger foundation.

  • Maximum Height.

    Our girder truss system allows bi-fold doors to open at the full building height.

  • Girder Trusses.

    Over bi-fold doors we install a 3-ply girder truss next to the gable truss for additional support. When the bi-fold door opens and closes the girder truss supports the weight so that it doesn’t put stress on the roof.

  • Details Matter.

    Our buildings have poles and trusses every 4’ this ensures the structural integrity of the building. We use #14 head screws per manufacturer's specifications.

  • Building Rep.

    From start to finish your UFA Building Rep will be with you. Your UFA Rep will visit you numerous times on-site through planning, estimating, designing and building.

  • Backed by UFA.

    Our custom buildings are guaranteed by a five-year warranty backed by UFA, a company that has been in business for over 110 years. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

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