HerdWhistle™ is a data driven monitoring system that utilizes RFID ear tag tracking to identify behavioral indicators of illness up to 7 days sooner than conventional visual pen checking.


  1. Individual behaviour change detection
    1. Real time monitoring of eating and drinking behaviour
    2. Alert up to 7 days earlier than visual indicators
    3. Simple cloud-based platform, easily accessible anywhere, from any device
    4. Early treatment improves recovery times and reduces death loss and treatment costs
  2. Animal Management and Inventory Control
    1. Track every animal’s location and pen head counts 24/7/365
    2. Identify cattle as missing or in the wrong pen
  3. Traceability
    1. Track individual animal movements for drug usage traceability to ensure adherence to withdrawal periods
  4. Installation
    1. Customizable, simple, easy installation, no down time
    2. Reliable 24/7/365 support and performance monitoring


  1. Early detection allows early pulls that will improve treatment results
  2. Improved efficiency of Pen Checking activities
    1. Improve efficiency and utilization of pen checkers
    2. Allows experienced pen checker to focus on critical pens/animals
  3. Contributes significantly to the bottom line
    1. More effective treatment from using early health indicators
    2. Significantly reduce mortality and morbidity
  4. Access your herd health from any device from anywhere
  5. Inventory management, locate MIA’s, wrong pen cattle and pen/lot head counts
  6. Improved traceability with 24/7/365 animal tracking


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