Leadership & Governance

How does your co-operative govern?

In a co-operative, members own, control and benefit from the co-operative – they call the shots! But there is a process to ensure our governing structure is orderly and that every member/owner has a say.

It begins with eligible voters. At UFA, members who annually spend $2,500, or who have $2,000 in equity are “eligible voters” and can elect a delegate in their respective area to represent them at the decision-making table.

Those delegates are responsible for electing directors to serve on the UFA Board of Directors. The board is then responsible for electing the Board Chair and for appointing the President and CEO. "In a co-operative, members own, control and benefit from the co-operative"

“In a co-operative, members own, control and benefit from the co-operative”

2024 Board of Director Nominations

Now seeking nominations for qualified candidates.

Help govern your co-operative. Apply to join our Board of Directors and help lead UFA forward.

Nominations close November 1, 2023 at 4 p.m.

Code of Business Ethics (COBE)

UFA's Code of Business Ethics (COBE) is intended to help identify and resolve ethical issues that arise through the course of business in a manner that is consistent with UFA's values.

Any concerns regarding UFA’s business ethics call UFA’s toll free Integrity Hotline: 1-877-258-4605 or send an email to Integrity.Hotline@ufa.com  

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Our governing process

Our steps of co-operative governance.


Leadership & Governance

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