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We serve our members through an extensive network of Petroleum Agencies, Farm & Ranch Supply Stores and Fertilizer plants throughout Alberta and into Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Providing, quality products, service and solutions.



Have a voice

Membership provides you with the opportunity to vote for delegates who are responsible for representing members in a geographical area.

Our Government Relations team is advocating on behalf of our members. We strive to understand and recognize the impact that federal and provincial policy, legislation regulations and funding decisions have on your operation. Have a seat at the table to represent our members in policy discussions.


Membership is open to:

  • Any individual — anyone can be a member of UFA
  • Co-operative Associations
  • Partnerships or corporations carrying on the business of farming or ranching 


To receive a patronage dividend when declared, members must own a $5.00 common share. This share can be purchased at the time of becoming a member or accumulated through dividends earned on purchases. 


To be eligible to vote, you must be a member with a minimum $5.00 member share, have spent $2500 (exclusive of GST) in the previous fiscal year or have a minimum of $2,000 in member shares. 


Limited and incorporated companies not involved in agriculture can apply for a commercial account. A commercial account is a non-dividend earning account and does not require a $5.00 common share.

To create a new account, register at myUFA and select "Update Profile Information"

If you aren't already a UFA Member visit your nearest UFA and buy your $5 share and start enjoying all the pluses of membership.


Member Benefits

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