UFA Member Report 2020 - Commercial Agribusiness

“Last year, our team stepped up to make sure our

members had the products they needed, when they

needed them most. We were proud to deliver on our

promise of being there to support our farmers.

While there will likely be new challenges to face in

the year ahead, we were there to help our members

get the job done in 2020 and we will be there in 2021.

It’s more than our brand, it’s our promise.”

Rob Giguere, VP, Livestock Services

and Market Strategy

$227 M

Commercial sales.

Compared to $219 M in 2019.

$27 M

Gross margin.

Compared to $26 M in 2019.

Solutions. Delivered.

As the exclusive Canadian Supplier of Micro Technologies

Feedlot Solutions, we help producers reduce feed cost

and increase efficiency, while offering

superior traceability.

GCC Canola program.


An exciting pilot program with GrainsConnect Canada

(GCC) offering grain growers the chance to maximize

returns with a discount on seed and receive

competitive pricing with a premium on

their production contract.

Grain dryers.


In the Fall of 2020, UFA was pleased

to begin selling grain dryers.



Kadeema Jean was selected as the winner

of The Pitch, UFA’s inaugural student competition

with Olds College, for her proposed

biodegradables project.

UFA Member Report 2020 - Commercial Agribusiness

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