Bootsma Bakery is one of a mere handful of European-inspired local bakeries in Lethbridge. In March 2019, The Bakery was born out of a labour of love: Steve and Jamie Bootsma own and operate all aspects of the business from the baking to the books. They have modeled their renowned goodies after Dutch recipes that have been passed down through four generations, spanning over 100 years! The bakery is dedicated to nourishing the community in and around Lethbridge with delectable baked goods made from scratch. 


Bootsma Bakery is one of the many vendors featured at the UFA Lethbridge Farmer’s Market and it’s a favourite among patrons. People line up for their cakes and cookies but they are best known for their fresh donuts and cheese buns. The cheese buns are amongst some of the most mouthwatering cheesiest buns you will ever experience. And their donuts taste like heaven with a hole in the middle. They make several different varieties daily in addition to perfecting the spudnut donut, which they offer every Thursday. Customers have shared that their spudnut donuts are simply the best in the City of Lethbridge! Bootsma Bakery is also known for the Texas donut which, as the saying goes, is a much bigger version of the humble donut. 

Bootsma Bakery also carries incredible artisan breads co-created by Steve, and other bakers. The wonderfully innovative staff at the bakery have come up with some amazing combinations to satisfy every taste bud and palate. These breads are made with only the finest ingredients available. Sourdough is one of the most popular! 


Steve says the UFA Farmer’s Market supports local small business owners by providing a unique venue that reaches new customers they normally would not. “The Farmer's Market is a great way to promote a sustainable economy. It encourages people to grow and produce local, despite the competition from international trades and imports. It keeps the economy circular so we can continue to thrive as a community,” he says. He also adds that with the added pressure of the past two years, it’s nice to see organizations like UFA put their money where their mouth is by giving back to communities and supporting small business.

Bootsma Bakery won the Top 3 Cakes award in Lethbridge in both 2019 and 2020, was rated a Certificate of Excellence in 2021, and won the Lethbridge Sun Time’s "Best of the Best" award in 2021. If you're in the Lethbridge area, visit the UFA Farmer's Market and experience their award-winning decadence for yourself.

Check them out at the UFA Lethbridge Farmer’s Market, every Saturday at Exhibition Park or visit in person at Bootsma Bakery, located at 1418 17 St S Lethbridge.


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