Have your voice heard! Pesticide regulation consultations are happening now.

Have your voice heard!

The Government of Canada is currently consulting on its approach to pesticide regulation. Pesticides are critical tools farmers use to help grow safe, sustainable and abundant food for Canada and the world, which is more important than it has ever been.

Canada must remain committed to science-based regulation when it comes to agricultural innovations like pesticides. This is the foundation of Health Canada’s world-renowned pesticide regulatory system and what helps makes the Canadian agriculture sector prosperous and competitive.

On March 22, 2022, the Government of Canada opened a 60-day public consultation on changes to the Pest Control Products Act. Changes to the system could impact Canada’s access to pest control products for generations to come by jeopardizing its science-based foundation.

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Send a letter to the government letting them know science-based regulation is key to helping Canadian agriculture be more productive, sustainable and remain competitive globally.

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Together, we can make sure Canadian agriculture remains competitive and a world leader in innovation and sustainability.

Have your voice heard! Pesticide regulation consultations are happening now.

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