It’s time to celebrate the farmers and ranchers who get it, done.

Today is Farmer's Day and it's time to say thank you to the farmers and ranchers who feed the world.

Farmer’s Day is celebrated each year on the second Friday of June. For many years, it was a provincial holiday, kids had the day off school and families could spend quality time together following the busy seeding and calving seasons. UFA Co-operative has a rich history of celebrating Farmer’s Day, dating back to a 1945 convention resolution where the Co-operative declared a fixed date to observe “Farmer’s Day” to recognize the importance of Alberta’s agriculture industry. Although UFA still champions Farmer’s Day today, the celebration has taken on a life of its own, embraced by many and celebrated in communities across the province.

“Honouring Alberta’s agriculture industry and the work our members and customers do is especially important this year,” said Scott Bolton, UFA President and CEO. “In the past two years, we have all learned how incredibly vital agriculture is to our economy and our survival. At UFA, we are proud to play a small part in helping our members and customers keep nutritious food on the shelves. The agri-food and agri-product industries will continue to be essential and are key in our province’s economic recovery.”

UFA won’t be the only ones celebrating. Many of Alberta’s elected officials, from federal, provincial and municipal governments, will be recognizing Farmer’s Day; through statements of support, by lighting up urban landmarks like the Calgary Tower, Lethbridge City Hall, and Edmonton’s High Level Bridge in orange and green, and offering official proclamations and letters of recognition. From farm to fork, the impact of the agri-food industry is felt in rural and urban communities alike, and UFA is thankful for the support from its urban partners.

“We work throughout the year to improve the economic and social well-being of our members and customers by providing an active voice on behalf of farmers on many fronts through advocacy, partnerships, awareness and education,” says Bolton. “We also work to ensure rural communities are vibrant and thrive well into the future by supporting grassroots initiatives through a robust community investment program.”

These days, so many people are dreaming of a vacation. That’s why UFA is extra excited about this year’s Farmer’s Day contest. UFA is hosting a special Farmer’s Day contest called, “Get it Done and Get Away”, allowing 5 members the opportunity to win vacation get-aways. Enter at UFA is asking Albertans to capture the power and potential of Alberta’s agriculture industry on social media and to share their images and messages by including the hashtag #FarmersDay #FarmersDayGetaway and tagging @ufacooperative.

It’s time to celebrate the farmers and ranchers who get it, done.

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