Meet Mark Lukash, Yorkton's Petroleum Agent!

Yorkton is known as one of the best cities to live, visit, work and invest and it’s one of the reasons why UFA chose it for their newest location. Mark Lukash, who was born and raised in Yorkton, couldn’t agree more, and he’s excited to be the new UFA Petroleum Agent in his hometown!

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“I’ve always loved Yorkton, it’s been a great place to grow up with lots of opportunity,” he says. “There is a strong sense of community here and the combination of opportunity and community has kept me here all these years.”

Mark started his career working for Heli Lift International being responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of helicopters and transport trucks. “I got on with the airport pretty much right after high school. At first, I was doing a little bit of everything, but within a year I started hauling aviation fuel,” he says. “Let’s just say I’ve made a lot of trips from Yorkton to the closest aviation fuel refinery, in Edmonton.”

He then worked at the Melville CN rail yard as a locomotive engineer and dispatcher, responsible for safe operations and movement through the railyards. After 16 years with CN, he found himself looking for a change and a new challenge and that’s where UFA came in. “The opportunity with UFA presented itself at the perfect time, there is a lot of buzz in town about the new agency and I think it’s a great opportunity to operate a state-of-the-art facility,” he says.

Mark checks all the right boxes to be the new Yorkton UFA Petroleum Agent. He currently operates a company called Advance Trucking, hauling fuel, grain, and fertilizer in the Yorkton Area. With over 20 years of experience in fuel handling, he is badged at both FCL and Imperial Oil terminals. He has developed strong relationships with ag and commercial customers in the eastern Saskatchewan area and has a passion for service. He’s also committed to community building and giving back and he says it’s one of the things he’s most excited about with UFA. “Giving back is so important, we’ve always been very involved in the community and we’re excited to be a part of investing back where we live and work, UFA’s co-operative values align perfectly with ours.”

In addition to the community-building aspect of a co-operative, Mark is also excited about the product offering with UFA. “Right now, you can’t get DEF fuel at the pumps in Yorkton and quite frankly, Co-op needs some competition, people in the area are excited to have a choice of where to fill and what to put in the tank,” he adds. “Even amenities like hot showers are a big deal for truck drivers, and that doesn’t exist right now. The new UFA Petroleum Agency will be state-of-the-art because they’ve thought of everything. I’m looking forward to being able to offer top-tier products like Dieselex® Gold, clean facilities and superb customer service.”

People in the community are familiar with Mark and his level of excellence when it comes to delivering customer service. He has served ag and commercial customers for over 20 years, many of whom aren’t just customers, but friends and neighbours. And when they aren’t visiting him during fuel deliveries, it’s at the local pool or skating rink. Mark and his wife, Aimee, along with their children, Chelsea and Josh, live just south of town. In their spare time, the busy couple is involved in their children’s swimming, dance and skating activities. They are very excited to open the doors to the new Yorkton UFA Petroleum Agency and a new chapter. The team at UFA looks forward to helping Mark and his family develop a very successful petroleum business in the Yorkton and surrounding area.




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Meet Mark Lukash, Yorkton's Petroleum Agent!

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