UFA and FMC partner to support STARS® Air Ambulance

UFA has teamed up with Farm Management Canada (FMC), a major crop protection company, through their “Clean Fields, Community Yields” program to support STARS® Air Ambulance. Together the two organizations are making a difference in southern Alberta.

“We have a great relationship with retailers across the prairies,” says Jordan Brisebois, product manager at FMC. “The retailers are perfectly positioned to identify the greatest needs in their community, whether it’s a local sports league, health service, fundraising project or some other organization that needs a boost. We love partnering with them to make a difference.”

Local producers have been crucial to making this program a success. For every acre of FMC fall herbicide products that UFA sold, a donation was made to a local charity.  Sales Regions 2 and 3 at UFA selected STARS® Air Ambulance because of the key service it provides to rural communities. FMC reps, CJ Ireland and Brad Richardson, recently presented the cheques for STARS® Air Ambulance on behalf of UFA, with a donation of $896 from Sales Region 2 and $2,953 from Sales Region 3. Jerome Chamberlain, Manager, Sales & Service, Agribusiness & Supply Chain for UFA, and Keith Munro, Customer Account Manager for UFA accepted the cheques on behalf of UFA on location at the Airdrie UFA Farm and Ranch Supply store. 

Stars donation
CJ Ireland, FMC; Keith Munro, UFA; Jerome Chamberlain, UFA; Brad Richardson, FMC

“It is a great collaboration with one of our vendor partners to make a difference to the people who support us.  What I like about this program is partnering with a vendor that values rural communities, the same way that UFA does,” said Jerome Chamberlain, Manager, Sales & Service, Agribusiness & Supply Chain, UFA. “Giving something back to our customers is always nice, and we will do it whenever we get the opportunity.”

Last year, FMC donated $77,000 to 31 community groups across Western Canada through the Clean Fields, Community Yields program.

UFA and FMC partner to support STARS® Air Ambulance

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