UFA Says Thank You to Front-Line Team Members with Second Bonus

Our Co-operative is pleased to announce bonuses to be paid to front-line team members at our Farm and Ranch Supply stores and Petroleum agencies. This is the second time during the COVID-19 pandemic that we have recognized our front-line team members with a bonus, in addition to a pay increase that was announced last year.

“Our front-line teams have been on an incredible journey over the course of the pandemic, dealing with multiple waves which made for changing restrictions and unprecedented challenges,” says Chief Operating Officer, Glenn Bingley. “Through it all, our teams have demonstrated grace and resiliency; they remained dedicated to serving our members and customers, providing the essential products and services they required at a critical time for their operations, and most importantly keeping everyone safe while doing so. Our people are what makes our Co-operative strong, and their performance is deserving of this recognition.”

Scott Bolton, President and CEO, says that as we near what appears to be the end of the pandemic, it’s important to look back and demonstrate appreciation. “Over the course of the pandemic most of us had a social responsibility to help stop the spread of the virus by staying home and staying safe, but not everyone,” he says. “The term “essential worker” was never so relevant and we couldn’t be more grateful for all of our front-line team members who continued to show up day after day. Each one of them played an equal part in minimizing the effects on the lives of our members and customers, ensuring that our industry continued to operate. We are so proud of the courage and commitment they have shown, and we hope that this gesture demonstrates how appreciative we are for their dedication and loyalty.”

UFA Farm and Ranch Supply stores and Petroleum agencies remained open during the pandemic, adhering to the guidelines set by Alberta Health Services at the time. Our Co-operative implemented several measures and options for customers to get what they need, conveniently and safely, and our front-line teams continued to serve members and customers.  

“We want to assure our members and customers that UFA recognizes the important role they play in Canada’s agricultural and energy sectors,” says Don Smith, Vice President of Petroleum. “Our brand message is that UFA helps members and customers Get It. Done. During the pandemic our front-line teams demonstrated that it’s much more than a slogan, it’s a promise.”

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UFA Says Thank You to Front-Line Team Members with Second Bonus

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