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Forage Testing

Forage testing is an essential tool to evaluate feed quality. As feed is the major input cost in cattle production, taking a sample will give you an accurate assessment of your pasture and forage health, allowing you to make best management decisions based on what nutrients are available.

Forage testing allows us to:

  • Balance rations
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve performance and profits
  • Provide an accurate picture of what the current status of forage nutrient density
  • Improve future crop management if present forage quality is unsatisfactory
  • Help evaluate the value of the plant material as a nutrient source and help determine equitable prices for feedstuffs based on nutritive value
  • Provide an accurate report card of the crop’s protein, e read more...

Soil Testing

Cost-effective forage production for livestock nutrition relies on providing the appropriate nutrients to feed the plant to optimize its growth. Soil health plays an important role in your success, which is why both soil testing is critical.

Soil testing and analysis provide an accurate picture of the nutrients available in the soil. Testing allows you to make the most of every acre by identifying nutrient deficiencies and the precise calculation of nutrient rates for increased yields and savings. Soil testing also helps ensure the efficient use of resources like water and fertilizer and helps to manage input costs.


  1. Optimize forage and crop production
  2. Improve the soil’s nutritional balance
  3.

Good Establishment is Key

To get the most out of your forage crop so that it can be a valuable feed source for livestock for several years, strong establishment is the key to success.

Whether growing alfalfa, fescue, or any of the other forage varieties, the cost of good quality seeds and other inputs can add up. Protect your investment by following these important reminders as you prepare to put the seed in the ground.

  • Use good quality seed, such as ProStock Forage seed, that tests high for germination.
  • Seed into a clean, weed-free field. Exceptional


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