Good Establishment is Key

To get the most out of your forage crop so that it can be a valuable feed source for livestock for several years, strong establishment is the key to success.

Whether growing alfalfa, fescue, or any of the other forage varieties, the cost of good quality seeds and other inputs can add up. Protect your investment by following these important reminders as you prepare to put the seed in the ground.

  • Use good quality seed, such as ProStock Forage seed, that tests high for germination.
  • Seed into a clean, weed-free field. Exceptional weed control is vital.
  • Soil that is too wet or dry may cause a challenge in getting good forage establishment. Seed into a firm–ideally moist–seed bed to ensure proper seed-to-soil contact.
  • Seed shallow. Ideally, the typically small forage seeds should be placed no deeper than in the top quarter inch of soil.
  • Apply proper fertilizer. Talk to your local UFA to have soil samples from the field analyzed and apply proper fertilizer as recommended for forage crops.

Good Establishment is Key

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