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Cover of the 2023 UFA Canola and Corn Seed Guide. Text reads: Improving Your Yield Together. Find your seed today!

Canola and Corn Seed Guide

Sourcing seed from Western Canada’s top supplies to provide you with the best-performing varieties for your conditions. Find information such as varieties, silage and Micronutrients for Canola and Corn.

Forage, Corn and Range & Pasture

Forage, Corn and Range & Pasture Guide

Ensuring the right forage solutions for your growing conditions and herd health requirements.

2020 Grain Storage & Grain Handling Guide

Grain Storage & Grain Handling Guide

Providing standard grain storage solutions to ensure your yield is protected.

Total Mineral & Supplement Guide to Support Your Herd

Minerals & Supplements Guide

Complete mineral and supplement nutrition programs from ProStock®️ designed to support and enhance herd & animal health throughout the entire year.

Seed Treatment Inoculant Guide

Seed Treatment & Inoculant Guide

Getting off to a strong start by guarding the genetic potential of your seed from disease and insect pressure.

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