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24/7 Access

24/7 Access

Largest network in Alberta

Largest network in Alberta

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Pay with Debit & Credit

Fleet and business cards

Fleet and business cards

Online card management

Online card management

Monthly invoicing

Monthly invoicing

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Cardlock Card

Open a Card Link Online® Account

Sign up here.

Request a Cardlock Card ® Account

Login to Card Link Online® and create a new card under Account Management.

Submit your request and your card will arrive in the mail.

Activate and verify

Take your card to the nearest Petroleum Agency to activate it.

Start fueling up!

Still need help? Call us at 1-877-661-3835

Cardlock Card

Get a UFA co-op membership

Already a member? Skip to step 2

Register on myUFA.

Once logged in, create a new account.

You will receive an email with your account number.

Order your Fuel Link Card

Once an account has been emailed to you please call 1-877-661-3835 and order your Fuel Link Cards or email with your order.

Activate your card

Once your Fuel Link Card arrives in the mail, take it to the nearest Petroleum Agency to activate it.

Open a Card Link Online Account to track your activity

You can sign up here.

Start fueling up!

Still need help? Call us at 1-877-661-3835

Cardlock Card

Get Your CFN Card:

Call our Cardlock Customer Service Centre at: 1-877-NO 1-FUEL. (1-877-661-3835)

Cardlock Card

UFA Cardlock Card

Access to the entire Cardlock network with a secure UFA PIN.

Manage multiple cards from one account.

Monthly invoicing for all purchases made on the card and real-time account balances with myUFA.

Track your fuel usage and manage your cards with Card Link Online®.

Fuel Link Card

UFA Fuel Link Card

Pay at any UFA Cardlock location using your VISA, MasterCard or Debit Card.

All purchases show up on your monthly bank statement or view detailed purchase reports on myUFA.

Receive points through your card loyalty program.

Track your fuel usage and manage your card with Card Link Online®.

Cardlock Card

CFN Card

Fuel up at all CFN FleetWide locations and charge your purchase back to your UFA account.

A single card for conducting business in Alberta, B.C. and the continental US with access to over 2,000 sites.

CFN card purchases appear on your monthly UFA statement with detailed purchase reports available on myUFA.

Use Card Link Online® to track, analyze and manage fuel cards for your operation.


  • Manage a single UFA Cardlock card or an entire fleet of cards
  • Monitor Cardlock activity, fuel usage, daily litres, product purchases, transaction limits and much more
  • Easily report on operation fuel costs
  • Order or cancel cards, change your PIN and more
Cardlink Online


Card Link Online

Watch the video to learn more about Card Link Online

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