High Quality Fuel

High Quality Fuel

Fuel quality is top priority for UFA and for our members and customers as mileage, power and smooth engine performance are all by-products of top quality fuels.

High Quality Fuel

Why Fuel Quality Matters

Your equipment relies on high quality fuel. That is why our fuels meet or exceed the stringent quality standards set by the Canadian General Standards Board for commercial fuel quality.

We continually monitor the quality of all our fuels to ensure that our products meet the rigorous demands of today's agricultural, commercial, construction and on-road equipment.

We also conduct benchmark testing of our own fuels, and our competitors, to ensure that our fuels quality meets industry standards.

Don Smith, the VP of Petroleum at UFA, explains the process of how we deliver high quality fuel-from Western Canada's refineries to your operation.

What Our Customers are Saying

We’re committed to keeping you up and running, whether you’re on the jobsite or in the field. Hear first-hand what UFA customers are saying about our fuel quality with the following video testimonials.

“Quality is important us. If we don’t have quality fuel our equipment isn’t going to do what we say it will do and then our customers aren’t going to get the job that they expect”

– Magnum Cementing

Ways to Maintain High Quality Fuel


To maintain fuel quality, we follow proper handling procedures:

  • Extensive loading and dispensing training at the agency
  • Regularly scheduled tank inspections throughout the network


Proper tank and dispensing maintenances on your site is a key factor in maintaining fuel quality. You must ensure the following:

  • Tanks are dipped for the presence of water, and water is removed if found.
  • Older tanks are free of debris and rust.
  • Tank paint is in good shape with no rust, this helps the effect on evaporation.
  • Pumps, hoses, valves are in good condition with no leaks.
  • Fittings on the top of the tanks are sealed to keep out moisture.
  • Stands for tanks should be metal and set on solid level ground.
  • Product turns are adequate to facilitate seasonal cloud point.

Fuel Facts

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High Quality Fuel

High Quality Fuel

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