Airplane Hangers

If you live far away from a larger centre, a private plane makes it a lot easier to get to meetings, am I right? Or if you’ve got an aerial application business, planes are your most important tools. Either way, you’ve got to have someplace to house and work on them.

UFA can assist with engineering and drawing requirements, and we’ll do site specific drawings for you. You get all the building features and options listed in our section, plus you can customize your hangar to suit your specific needs.

Various large door options:

  • Bi-fold
  • Overhead
  • Cannonball

Wide truss spans to accommodate large wing span


Got cows? Maybe it’s horses. Maybe you have a lot of animals, maybe just a few. Whatever your situation, we can help you build the perfect barn to fit your operation today with room to grow tomorrow. UFA can assist with design, engineering, drawings and permit requirements, too. Our barns include all the building features and options you see listed for our , as well as:

  • Intensive livestock barns (hogs, poultry, etc.)
  • Barn layouts for cattle and horses, based on head count
  • Custom design that incorporates cattle handling equipment and horse stalls
  • Includes a second storey for feed storage, bedding and more

Multiple options for customization, including:

  • stall matting
  • wash bays
  • tack rooms
  • you name it!

Lean-to options for shelter loafing areas


Need a shop for your oil field service or vac-truck business? Or maybe you’ve got a manufacturing business with special requirements, or farm gate business that needs a storefront? UFA can design and build commercial shop and storage buildings that meet all provincial building code requirements. Check our section for the base structure details, then add on whatever you need to make it work for you.

Multiple layout options including:

  • office space
  • wash/service bays
  • divided rental/lease bays
  • storefront

Interior concrete slabs designed to accommodate cranes/hoists.

Full HVAC and electrical options.


You worked long and hard to grow it, now you need your crop storage options to protect it properly until you can move it. Our crop storage buildings begin with the same features as our storage structures, and then you can customize to fit your specific requirements.

  • Standard spans up to 80 feet, maybe more if you need it
  • Multiple use for crop or equipment storage
  • Specific design to handle wall loading (maximum 4’)


Check out our section to get the basics. Now think about what else you’d like your man-cav…uh…garage to do for you!

Finishing options:

  • shingles
  • vinyl siding

2x4 and 2x6 framing

Multiple heating options:

  • Forced air
  • Infrared


Let’s just say it – hay is bulky, so there’s a pretty big temptation to just leave it unprotected around the farm rather than properly store it. But there have been a few too many years lately when good hay has been hard to find, so protecting what you’ve got is worth it and UFA can help.

Option to skirt sections of the building to avoid weather damage

Multiple wall cladding options:

  • Full wall
  • 4-foot skirt
  • 6-skirt

Large truss span to accommodate massive feed storage, and we mean MASSIVE

Design to accommodate square and round bales


Whether you need a dedicated equipment shed, or one that does double or even triple duty with an office or granary, UFA can help you build it. Our storage buildings include all the building features and options listed for our, but you can also customize in as many ways as you want.

Standard spans up to 80 feet, but talk to us if you need more!

Designs for multi-purpose use:

  • grain storage
  • equipment storage
  • ask us!

Complete interior offers (see shops section)

Numerous large doors options:

  • Bi-fold
  • Overhead
  • Cannonball

Multiple floor plan options:

  • Heated and cold storage combinations
  • Complete open front

Riding Arenas


A good shop should fit its owner like a glove, comfortable, efficient, a place for everything and everything in its place. Whatever your specific shop need, we can help you build it. You can customize any existing plans to suit your specific needs today, and even add a few details that will let you easily change or expand your shop in the future when you’re ready.

Full turnkey options with additional offerings such as u-drain and different interior finishes.


Buildings. Constructed.

Take your building project from concept to completion with UFA. We believe that quality is about more than just the building itself – it’s about the entire experience which is why we work with you from initial designs through to completion to ensure we meet the needs of your operation.

5 Year Warranty - UFA Structures

5 Simple steps to get your project done smoothly

To make your building project as easy as possible, we have perfected an easy five-step process for a smooth construction process.

our partners

  • Diamond Doors

    With over 20 years of experience, Diamond Doors continues to produce high quality, long-lasting bi-fold doors. The family-run company has grown to be an innovate industry leader offering custom-built doors to suit your specific needs.

    • Comprehensive warranty.
    • Low cost and high quality.
    • High efficiency.
  • Steel-craft

    With roots in ornamental iron-making, Steel-Craft has leveraged that foundation to consistently produce doors that are beautiful, long-lasting and strong. More than half a century of proven manufacturing has evolved into a state-of-the-art company that uses technology and human expertise to produce high quality, efficient products.

    • Weatherlock technology.
    • Climacore insulation.
    • Extended warranty.
  • Westform Metals

    Westform is a family business that has been dedicated to fast service and quality products for over 34 years. Their forming mills enable them to produce profiles that meet the environmental and design needs of Alberta customers.

    • Pre-coated steel.
    • 30 available colours.
    • 40-year limited warranty.
  • WSI Doors Ltd.

    Producing high quality doors since 1983, WSI Doors is committed to delivering high quality, high performance work. Their welding shop also means they can provide a wide variety of customized products.

    • Fire rated protection.
    • Accoustic soundproof.
    • Flush panel, pre-hung doors with pre-finished jamb extension for interior and metal liner on exterior with stay true color finish.
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