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Great Corn Yields Start with the Right Corn Seeds & the Right Advice

Whether it ends up in the bin, the silage pit or stays in the field for grazing you can be confident your corn crop has the best chance at a great yield when you trust UFA for your corn seed. Partnering with industry leaders like PRIDE Seeds, DEKALB Seed, and DLF Pickseed means we will be able to help you find the right seed for your growing conditions and for your specific end-use.

Get started finding your seed for the spring with our Corn Seed selection tool below.

Get your corn seed and crop inputs interest free.

Book your seed with us and don’t pay until March 2024 with 0% interest until October 2023 with FCC.


We will work together with you to provide the best selection of corn seed varieties specific to your needs as well as an in-depth seed guide, both intended to ensure your success. This guide summarizes the essential information you need about seed varieties and the other products that will help you grow a healthy crop. Using the guide as a tool, you and your Customer Account Manager (CAM) can plan for a successful crop year.

Corn Recommendation Tool

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Finding the right seed has never been easier. With our Corn Recommendation Tool simply hit the START HERE button below, select your desired CHU Range and end-use and we will give you the best options to discuss with your local CAM.

Corn Partners

  • Pride Seeds

    PRIDE Seeds, distributed by CANTERRA SEEDS, offers a grain and silage specific lineup that goes beyond field appearance to ensure our hybrids deliver what matters most at harvest, yield, energy, digestibility, palatability and overall nutritional value for Alberta farmers.

    Purchase your PRIDE Seeds Corn with UFA and don't pay Interest until December 1, 2022.†

    † Customers must have available FCC credit at the time of purchase. Transaction will be applied directly to FCC Credit Line at the time of purchase. Product must be invoiced by April 30, 2022. CANTERRA SEEDS Canola and PRIDE SEEDS Corn are Interest Free until December 1, 2022. Payment on FCC Crop Input loan is due March 15, 2023.
  • Dekalb Seeds

    The DEKALB® corn lineup provides strong, consistent performance, with excellent standability and stalk strength for Alberta, as well as excellent test weight and dry down.

  • DLF Pickseed

    Pickseed has a trusted and proven reputation for quality, agronomic advice and a commitment to research and technology.



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Corn silage is an excellent high energy feed for cattle, but only if it’s been ensiled properly to protect nutrient value and feed quality.


Four Agronomic Drivers for Successful Corn Production

Corn can be a challenge to grow. It needs everything to be just right to maximize yield potential.


Harvest and Storage

By working together with you, UFA provides not only the best selection of canola and corn seed varieties for your specific needs..


Corn Fit For Grazing

Growing silage corn for cattle feed has become an increasingly common practice in Alberta.


What's the ideal seeding rate for corn?

Just about every crop decision is based on one simple question: how can I increase yield potential?

corn seed

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