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For more than 75 years, Co-operators has been – and continues to be – committed to meeting the needs of Canadian communities, the co-operative sector and their members. Their Member Benefits Program is one of the ways they give back to those who support the co-operative movement.

As a member of UFA, you have access to enhanced coverage and exclusive savings on your insurance. Through the program, you can take advantage of:

Enhanced Home coverage

Enhanced Home coverage at preferred rates. For example, get Claims Forgiveness automatically on your eligible Home policy, which means that your first home claim has no impact on your policy or premiums.

Enhanced Farm coverage

Enhanced Farm insurance options with over 30 different types of coverage at a reduced cost.

Member Benefits Program: Farm and Home discount

Additional Farm and Home savings of up to 5% on eligible policies.

Savings on Travel insurance*

Discounts on Travel insurance* of up to 10% on eligible policies.

Auto insurance

Auto insurance** at a preferred rate, depending on your province.

A complementary Legal Assistance Helpline for Home and Farm policies, providing on-demand, confidential access to a lawyer for guidance with Canadian legal matters, such as contract disputes, employment or business-related issues, property concerns, tax investigations, and more.

Identity-theft protection for expenses you incur to recover your identity, with no deductible, no impact to your claim-free discount, and at no additional cost.

To learn more, contact your local Co-operators Financial Advisor directly or call 1-833-747-9280 and identify yourself as a member of UFA Co-operative Limited.

Get the right coverage for your farm

The Co-operators has offered insurance plans to Canadian organizations for more than 65 years and is a leading Canadian owned, multi-product insurance company. Their commitment to personalized service, together with the most recognized insurance brand in Canada, makes The Co-operators a clear choice for our members’ insurance needs. The Co-operators is proud of its co-operative heritage and is committed to the collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships shared with UFA Co-operative Limited and other co-operatives.

Membership Benefits Insurance Savings

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