Board of Directors Application Form


UFA is seeking nominations for three (3) Director positions to take office for a four-year term commencing March 15, 2024. Nomination period will run from September 11 to November 1 at 4 p.m. (MST).

In their roles, directors govern the co-operative, provide strategic direction, represent ownership, understand the needs of members/owners, and ensure the senior leadership team acts in the best interests of members. Board members have a fiduciary duty to act honestly and in good faith, with a view to the best interests of UFA. Board members attend quarterly board meetings and any additional meetings or committee meetings as required.

Executive Summary from the Board Profiling

UFA has continued their annual process of identifying the future needs of the Board and profiling existing skills and competencies. This process is designed to identify any gaps that when filled would enhance the current Board and support ongoing governance excellence. It is recommended that the Nominating Committee identify candidates to attract and/or retain with the following skills and competencies:

We’re seeking nominations for candidates who meet one or more of the following criteria and possess specific skills and experience in the following areas:

UFA recognizes and values the benefits of having diversity on its Board of Directors and in its Delegate body and considers diversity as a key driver of our co-operative identity, competitive success and governance strength. Our definition of diversity encompasses age, culture, ethnicity, gender, geographic, skill and sectorial representation. We believe that having a mix of highly qualified directors and delegates from diverse backgrounds contributes a broad range of perspectives and experiences that ultimately delivers the best possible co-operative.  

  • Co-operative Operations - individuals with knowledge and experience with co-operatives and who will uphold co-operative values in both word and action.
  • Farmer/Rancher/Agriculture Producer – individuals who are actively involved in the production of agricultural commodities.
  •  Individuals who are leaders in the Western Canadian Agriculture.
  • Individuals that exhibit UFA’s core values and exceptional ethical integrity who will act in the best interests of UFA: have the ability to speak with one voice, unified and solidly standing behind joint decisions; collaborative in approach; constructive in tone; and respectful to management, employees, delegates, members, and other stakeholders of UFA.
  • Complex decision-making backgrounds and experience.
  • Experience/Competency:
  • Banking/Finance
  • Business & Commerce
  • Corporate & Co-operative Governance
  • eCommerce/Logistics
  • Energy/Petroleum Industry
  • IT/Digital Industry
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Retail Industry
  • Cooperatives
  • Effective communicators, strong decision-makers who have depth in one or more of the following: Decision- Making, Financial Literacy, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Risk Management, Board of Directors and Corporate Leadership.

The 2024 Directors Nomination Form is now closed.

Board of Directors Application Form

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