UFA Co-operative Announces Engagement with SVG Ventures | THRIVE

UFA is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration with Silicon Valley based SVG Ventures | THRIVE, a leading global investment and innovation platform. This strategic engagement will deliver numerous benefits and opportunities to our co-operative and UFA members alike, including access to key innovators in the agriculture industry and a pipeline to regional, national and global startups.

SVG Ventures | THRIVE has a private global network of over 5,000 startup founders across 100 countries. Recognized as the most active agtech investor in the world, they currently have a portfolio count of more than 50 investments in the agriculture sector, including seven Canadian investments. SVG Ventures | THRIVE works with many corporate, government and ecosystem partners that include Bayer, Forbes, Corteva, Farm Credit Canada, Kubota, Trimble, Land O’Lakes, Taylor Farms, Western Growers, Olds College and ATB Financial, along with numerous other North American and global companies.

“The THRIVE platform is going to be an exciting next step into the innovation space for UFA as we work with them on identifying the challenges of our members and where we might be able to facilitate that connection with some proven startups that offer a solution,” says Scott Bolton, President and CEO, UFA. “Technology changes rapidly, especially in the agricultural industry, and we recognize the need to start driving it for our members. SVG Venture’s vision to advance the future of food and agriculture through innovation is a great fit for us and will allow us to present those value-add propositions and solutions.”

“Our aim is to understand the pain points a farmer faces, help them be more productive and bring them solutions that add value to their businesses while also contributing to a more sustainable future for agriculture” said John Hartnett, Founder & CEO of SVG Ventures | THRIVE. “We look forward to collaborating with UFA to source and curate technology companies that address UFA’s and its customers’ innovation challenges.”

As part of the engagement agreement, SVG Ventures | THRIVE will be running an Annual Industry & Technology Trends workshop for UFA members which aims to share key innovation gaps, visualize solutions and opportunities from startups and promote cross-collaboration for innovation. It also allows for participation in cross-industry workshops, and events and connection with industry peers.

UFA is committed to the investment made to innovation over the last year, ultimately to bring new opportunities and add value for our members. “Our mandate has always been about staying the course and making smart decisions. It’s more important than ever that UFA makes the right business decisions—even in a challenging economic and political environment—and invests in diversified solutions for the future so that we remain financially healthy for many years to come,” adds Bolton.

Watch for upcoming information about the Annual Industry & Technology Trends workshop. 

UFA Co-operative Announces Engagement with SVG Ventures | THRIVE

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