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Unpredictable weather in Western Canada makes the baling and storage of grasses and forages in ideal condition a difficult task. The application of a conditioner allows you to expand your window for utilizing forages. Utilizing an organic acid reduces moisture content allowing you to expand your baling window. Conditioners also reduce nutrient loss, inhibit mould & dust, and softens hay to make it more palatable for livestock.

Proponic acid offers a safe, non-corrosive, ready-to-use solution that is clinically proven to provide consistent results. Simple application with a baler mounted applicator allows you to apply conditioner with little to no extra labour. Once applied the conditioner quickly lowers the pH of the forage while preventing bacteria growth and dissipating moisture.

UFA's exclusive AlphaTech Buffered Proponic Acid offers a complete conditioning solution that can be used on cut hay, silage, straw, TMRs and more to achieve ideal moisture levels, extend storage life and buffer your bottom line.

Talk to your CAM about how AlphaTech can ensure you get the most out of your forage harvest this season.

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Manage the Moisture

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